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SICO 1m Chair Stop


Additional SpeedDeck attachment to prevent objects such as chairs from sliding off the stage.  


SICO Castor


Staging leg castor to make transporting SICO Platforms fast and easy.

Braked castor for storage and safety.

Convert platform module into a trolley using 4 castors.


SICO Conductor’s Rostrum


Quick Set Up– Part of the SpeedDeck range, the rostrum can be set up in less than a minute.

Easy Assembly– Only one tool is required to set up.

Lightweight– The rostrum has incredible strength yet is lightweight and portable.


SICO Corner Handrail Socket


SICO Handrail Socket that enables two handrails to be fixed to adjacent edges of the platform.


SICO Intermediate Handrail Socket


SpeedDeck Handrail Socket that enables the handrail to be fixed to anywhere along the middle of the platform’s edge.


SICO Trolley for Staging Platforms


Trolley for up to 6 SICO Staging Platforms.

Compatible with all standard size SICO Platforms.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.