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SICO Edge Handrail Socket (LH & RH)


SICO Handrail Sockets that enable a handrail to be fixed to one side of the SICO Platform from corner to corner.

One of each socket (LH & RH) are required to install a SICO Handrail.


SICO Handrail with Chair Stop


Strong and rigid steel handrail with integrated chair stop.


SICO Staging Legs (set of 4) ? Various Heights


Strong Round/Tubular Aluminium Legs for Staging Platforms.

Supplied as a Set of 4.

Plastic Feet to Protect the Floor.


SICO Staging Skirt


High-quality and hand sewn decorative skirt for SICO Staging platforms.

Price is per meter length.

Price includes skirt hooks.


SpeedLock Key for SICO


Use this key to lock SICO Platforms together.


SpeedLock Key for SICO Handrails


Use this key to lock SICO Handrails to the side of the stage platforms.