About Us

Our staging experts are here to assist you.

Our staging expert team is full of seasoned professionals that have superior product knowledge and genuinely enjoy assisting their customers. Being Helpfully, genuine and highly knowledgeable, That’s what sets us apart.

What you can expect from your personal Staging Professional.

Our staging experts are your trustworthy guide to all or our products. He or she will custom-tailor recommendations for you based on their understanding of your needs and budget. They will offer you everything you need to create the perfect stage to fit your needs, and provide you with the product Know-how to fully enjoy your purchase.


Your Staging Professional will follow your order through our system and follow up with you if any issues arise.


We take our customer relationships seriously. In the long run, dealing with a team you know and trust saves you more time and energy than dealing with a stranger each time you need help.

Why are we the best at what we do?

Each of our Staging experts undergo hands-on installation and product knowledge training on all our products. Our team has sold thousands of stages to municipalities, Churches, Schools, bands, government organizations and other clients all across the country. We are very familiar with the specific needs of each client type.

With over 25 years in the entertainment Industry

A dedicated team of recording engineers and former musicians make Staging Direct what it is. With drive, enthusiasm and expertise.

If you have any other questions or needs, feel free to Contact us.